I wish I’d known…

First, we worked together briefly when you were in DC and I was on Cap Hill. You have always been one of the truly kindest people I’ve ever met. Second, here are a few thoughts:
1- splurge on a diaper bag you actually love (OiOi had great ones!)
2- baby bling (beautiful teething necklaces)
3- learn the baby burrito - quickly
4- fisher price mobile that projects on ceiling (best buy ever)
5- always have freezer boo boo on hand (when traveling too)
6- get a Mom’s One Line a Day Journal ( you will be exhausted so either ask hubbie to take 10 seconds and write a line for you as you dictate or make yourself write just one line literally a day) - you won’t regret this!
7- “be gentle with yourself” and repeat that line to yourself often
God bless your growing family - by 2 feet!

- Heather

Congratulations Savannah!


Your life will forever be changed! The feelings you have for the little angel that has been given to you will surpass anything that you expected to feel! You will not only be their mother but you will take on the role of teacher, provider, nurse, cook, chauffeur, counselor, party planner,  the list really goes on but it is all worth it .Remember that your actions speak louder than words. They are watching you even when you don’t realize it.  Kathie Lee summed it up perfectly! Raise them to be able to leave home with confidence and compassion when the time comes and you will know you raised them well! Above all make it a priority to have God be a part of their lives. I wish you and your husband much happiness with your soon to be bundle of joy!



Love, love, love this child.  Hold him/her close as much as possible.  Talk to him/her often.  Smile, cuddle, kiss this child all day, every day.  One day you’re going to wake up and he or she will be all grown up - to big to hold close, sit on your lap and smother with hugs & kisses.  And take lots and lots of pictures.  At every stage, every age.  Enjoy each second.  This is the most wonderful time in your life.  Savor it!!!!  God bless you & your little one.

- De

The Joys of Motherhood

Hello Savannah,

Greetings from the far north, Wasilla, Alaska. My advice to you would be that you buy a really large diaper bag. If you pack things wisely then you will be ready to handle anything and prevent those small disasters that might arise. At times you might feel like you need a small moving truck to follow you around. Good Luck!

Diane Beauvais


Savannah, My husband and I were blessed to have a our son at 46 and 47 years old. We got married at 43(first time for both of us) and after finding out we couldn’t conceive naturally on our 2nd round of invetro we found out we were pregnant! We did not find out the sex if the baby until he was born and I had to ask the Dr. “What is it” and he said “oh, you don’t know?”. Michael is the love of our lives and I know you will feel the same. Though your not as old as I was, there is something so unbelievably special about being an older mom. The only downfall is when your child starts school and your the oldest mom there! Enjoy these last wonderful days of being pregnant and make sure the delivery doctor knows you don’t know the sex of the baby!! :-)

- Mary

Friendly advice

The best advice I could give would be to write everything down. I don’t think the baby brain thing ever goes completely away, and I have to go back to things I have written to remember the “when, what, were” facts when my daughter now 17 asks. Just enjoy every moment, they go by so fast.


New Mom

Best advice I received as a new mom: layer your crib with waterproof crib pad and crib sheet 2-3 times. That way in the middle of the night if the crib sheet needs changed simply peel a layer (1 crib sheet and 1 waterproof crib pad) off. Voilà! This allows mommy and baby to get back to sleep quicker. Congratulations, good luck and ENJOY every moment!


New World, New Role

Weirdest thing….being pregnant and being a mother do not correlate! One day it’s all about you, then poof! You are a mom and it’s never about you again! Totally a different world.
Babies are the most amazing people….think of all they are learning and doing. It is so much fun to watch them discover the world. You will rediscover it with them. I have enjoyed every stage of my kids’ lives (they are now in their thirties).


Listen to advice, but make your own decisions. You will know your baby best and can make the right decision and maybe that means continuing to look for more information if you don’t think something is right.

Enjoy it all! The anticipation of who they will be continues, but it is so fun to watch them figure it out. 

 - Amy

Swaddling technique

Hi Savannah, I am a big fan of the today’s show. I am a mother of three and worked at a hospital on the Mother/Baby unit.

Try to remember to ask the nurse to show you the Swaddling Technique. Babies love to be swaddled in their blankets because this is how they felt in their mommys belly. Snugly and tight! This technique helps them feel secure. I kept my babies swaddled all the time. It helps them sleep better and has been known to help babies belly aches. So after you have feed, changed and burped your baby and he or she wont stop crying then try this swaddling technique. Most of the time you will notice that this works.

Congratulations to you and good luck!

- Terri